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“How to Build a 100K Crypto Portfolio in 21 Days”

Get personal coaching to build your own Cryptocurrency Portfolio without technology overwhelmed and risk.

Your Crypto on-ramp. We Onboard you into your own crypto portfolio. Join us!

  • Crypto Portfolio Assets






The way to start investing in cryptocurrency just got easier and safer.

  • The Complete Crypto Playbook takes you from an interest in Crypto to the owner of a Crypto Portfolio In Less than Three Weeks.

  • Qualified investors and motivated entrepreneurs can acquire a 100K Cryptocurrency portfolio in 21 days, spending 7-10 hours per week without the technology overwhelm or risk to capital.

  • A Cryptocurrency Coach is someone whose job it is to help you acquire the Cryptocurrency portfolio you want.”

Our focus is on getting results!


Cryptocurrency Road Map

The safe and secure way to invest in crypto tokens and coins.

Our program introduces members to Bitcoin and the new category of emerging Altcoin digital assets.

Experienced Crypto coaches help you plan, build and confidently launch a high yield crypto portfolio.


100K Cryptocurrency Challenge

Our members engage in the “100K Crypto Portfolio in 21 Day Challenge.

Power-packed 3-week Cryptocurrency Investing Course, spending 7-10 hours per week.

Get Crypto research and analysis tools to identify Altcoins with the highest potential for growth, ROI, and profits.


Cryptocurrency Portfolio Checklists

Investor preparation with Step-by-Step Crytpo portfolio builder’s Roadmaps, Checklist, Cheatsheets, Guides, and Insights.

Get coached on powerful tools to collapse timeframes, avoid costly mistakes, errors, and omissions common in launching a crypto portfolio.

“9 Steps”
To launch your own Crypto Portfolio in just three weeks with Zero Overwhelm.

Cryptocurrency Investor
Onboarding PlayBook

Course Overview


SESSION 1. The Roadmap session is an introduction to investing and digital cryptocurrency assets on the blockchain.

You get clear on all the investment challenges the “100K cryptocurrency portfolio in 21 days” program will help you solve.

Featured Download:
“100K Crypto Roadmap”

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SESSION 2. Our members craft the perfect strategy to fit their risk profile and goals.

Members become the owners of a high yield cryptocurrency portfolio to live a quality lifestyle legacy. Includes the actual purchase of Tokens/coins.

Featured Download:

Cryptocurrency Investor’s Guide

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Crypto Wallets & Exchanges

SESSION 3. Gain clarity on the function and the role of exchanges in the acquisition of digital crypto assets.

Our members get help to own assets to escape working poverty and stop living paycheck to paycheck

Featured Download:
Wallet & Exchange Cheat Sheet

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Crypto  Investing
Tools & Techniques

SESSION 4. 100K cryptocurrency portfolio coaching helps members confidently navigate the wallets and exchanges to acquire a portfolio of digital assets using our full complement of tools and resources to transferred cryptocurrency purchases to your control.

Featured Download:
Catalog of Tool & Techniques

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100K Cryptocurrency

SESSION 5. Our members learn the powerful 100K cryptocurrency portfolio in 21 Days challenge.

Introduces members to the category of crypto Altcoins that have the “super boom” potential to produce greater profit and ROI.

Featured Download:
100K Portfolio Template

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Research and Analysis

SESSION 6. Our members learn to evaluate new and emerging cryptocurrency token and coin investments that meet the 100K Challenge criteria.

Our Altcoin checklist provides the tools you need to evaluate crypto coin and token offerings.

Featured Download:
Altcoin Research & Analysis Checklist

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Crypto Portfolio
Launch Strategy

SESSION 7.  Members use our step-by-step plan and strategy to launch their first 100K Challenge portfolio investments.

We build a portfolio starting with the acquisition of Bitcoin and other select altcoins.

Featured Download :
The formula for Altcoin Research & Analysis

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Crypto Portfolio
Growth Stratgy

SESSION 8. Our members learn to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio for growth and liquidity.

Learn how to take fund additional portfolio purchases and how to take profits on a well-balanced portfolio.

Featured Download:
Crypto Portfolio Growth Game Plan

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Crypto Portfolio
Risk Mgmnt

SESSION 9. This session helps members get clear about the risks of crypto and steps to protect and preserve their investment portfolio.

Our members learn to develop and perform daily habits to monitor, measure, control risk.

Featured Download:
Crypto Portfolio Risk Management System

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I wish someone told me the smart, safe, and secure way to Onboard and start investing in Cryptocurrency.

Our Cryptocurrency coaching program helps avoid the mistake and risks so you confidently acquire a 100K Crypto Portfolio.

How it works

How it works?

Our members become the owners of a growing high-yield portfolio of appreciating and growing cryptocurrency assets.  There are five major programs. components.

Solving the Crypto Investor’s biggest problems

We help our members prepare in advance to solve the known Cryptocurrency Investor’s greatest problems.

“Bitcoin and cryptocurrency on the Blockchain are everything people don’t know about money and investing combined with everything they do not know about the latest in computer technology.”

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After completing the 100K Crypto Course you will be invited to join our community and support network of Crypto Investors.

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Online Support Community

Cryptocurrency investors need to join an online support system and community to provide ongoing technical information and support needed to help investors manage their growing portfolio of assets to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

  • Cryptocurrency investor’s education on the subject of money and investing helps them develop the knowledge skills and abilities to implement their wealth-building game plan.

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Investing in cryptocurrency just got easier, safer and more lucrative.  With the right education, information, and resources before you invest, you can launch your portfolio to earn the ROI of your dreams.

  • The challenge of being a new and current cryptocurrency investor is finding a reliable and easy-to-understand source of information.

  • 100KCP supports investors by teaching them how to work from our Crypto investor’s roadmap that helps identify the land mines and dangers, the opportunities, and threats, as well as effective ways to take advantage of industry trends while managing risks.

Crypto Wealth Management

The greatest shift in wealth taking place is the evolution of the internet to Blockchain technology and the evolution of money to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency digital assets.

  • It has been said investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is everything people don’t know about money and investing combined with everything they people don’t know about the latest computer technology.

  • The greatest shift in wealth taking place is the evolution of the internet to Blockchain technology and the evolution of money to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency digital assets.

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