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This is the first installment in my series on “How I Built a 100K Cryptocurrency Portfolio in 21 Days.”  There are nine additional areas of preparation and study that I detail in my entire process for developing your own 100K cryptocurrency portfolio. 

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In the introductory section, I discuss important concepts you need to understand about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, money and investing before you buy.

The guide is organized in the nine specific steps you need to take BEFORE investing in cryptocurrency.  I walk through the important steps to keep a reliable record of your assets and various accounts in a personalized ledger. This is followed by instructions on how to secure your computer, cell phone, e-mail and other online accounts with strong passwords and two-factor authentication applications for security. We cover and prepare you for the all important Know Your Customer (KYC) identification process involved in setting up your wallets and exchange accounts to make your first purchases and start building you Cryptocurrency portfolio.

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